Activities of NICE

Research and creation of instructional materials for consumer education

We conduct surveys and interviews targeting students, teachers, and administrative agencies.
In addition, we develop side readers and materials using quizzes, cartoons, role plays, and games as effective methodologies, as well as manuals for teachers and instructors.

Collecting and distributes information on consumer education

We publish the bimonthly "Japan Journal of Consumer Education - NICE Newsletter" to deliver recent topics and information on consumer education.
Our website also provides information on events, symposiums, and publications.

Planning and arrangement of seminars and dispatch of instructors

We plan and arrange symposiums, seminars, and lectures on consumer education. In addition, we plan and manage lectures on consumer education and problems targeting teachers, administrative officers, and consumer leaders, as well as dispatching instructors.

Commendation on instructional materials for consumer education

We bestow an annual commendation on instructional materials for schools created by companies, industry associations, administrative agencies, consumer groups, and NPOs to support the creation and proliferation of instructional materials for school use.

What's New

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