About NICE

History of NICE

Feb. 1990Establishment of National Institute on Consumer Education (NICE) under the supervision by the Economic Planning Agency and the Ministry of Education
Launch of publication of "NICE Newsletter" - Japan Journal of Consumer Education
Apl. 1992Launch of Consumer Education Curriculum at School in accordance with the revised Official Teaching Guideline - implemented in elementary school at the beginning
Aug. 1992Hosted "International Consumer Education Seminar for Teachers" in support of establishment of NICE
Mar. 1996Launch of "Excellent Practice Awards concerning Consumer Education for Schools"
May 1997Launch of NICE Website
Sep. 1997Launch of "Excellent Material Awards concerning Consumer Education for Companies and Organizations"
Aug. 2000Hosted "International Consumer/Economic Education Seminar 2000" NICE 10th Anniversary Project
May 2003Launch of "Excellent Material Awards concerning Consumer Education for Governmental or Local Authorities"
Dec. 2004Launch of "Citi Success Fund" - Grant for schools and teachers
Mar. 2005Executed "Surveys for Systematization of Consumer Education" (for Cabinet Office)
Aug./Sep. 2007Hosted "Consumer Education Symposium in Tokyo and Osaka"
Sep. 2009Establishment of Consumer Affairs Agency
Jun. 2010Hosted "Consumer Education Symposium" - NICE 20th Anniversary Project
Apl. 2012Shifts to a public interest incorporated foundation on April 1, 2012.